How To Not Get Hacked?

In this digital verse it is very important to take care of the digital privacy. You can protect yourself from getting hacked using very simple tips. Today, we will be discussing few simple tips which you can use for protecting yourself from getting hacked.

Use Strong Password

You have to set the password as an unusual phrase. Don’t only add letters, for making a strong password, try also adding numbers and punctuations. And don’t choose a password that can be easily guessed like your birthday or the name of your favourite pet. After you are done selecting the password, you will also be asked to answer a security question. Don’t give a real answer to the security questions. Create a false answer that only makes sense to you. Also, once in a while, change your password.

Tip: Use our Strong Password Generator.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Now a days many apps and regular services have the option of enabling two-factor authentication or two-factor verification. By enabling two-factor authentication, you give an extra layer of protection to your account. You can easily enable it from the security section of your account.

Use Public Wi-Fi with Caution

Using a public Wi-Fi can be very tempting but avoid it at any cost. Someone right said that the number of loopholes in a public Wi-Fi is more than the holes in a Swiss cheese. Many a times, a fake free network is shown as a public Wi-Fi and if you end up using it, you will fall in a trap from where it is hard to recover. Anything that you do on a public Wi-Fi can easily be spied on. Therefore, avoid using public Wi-Fi at any cost.

Use a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network can be used for hiding yourself and protecting your data. A VPN gives you an extra layer of security features and keeps you safe from the hackers.

Enable Login Alerts

You can enable login alerts for your social accounts, email services and other services. When you enable login alerts, you will be notified if someone logs into your account from other device.

Stay safe 😉

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